BMW enables its Electric Cars to be Powered by Renewable Electricity

BMW ActiveE electric car
The BMW ActiveE Electric Car.

Electric cars could well be one of the answers to a sustainable future, but currently unless you can find a recharging station that actually uses electricity produced in a renewable way, like a wind-powered Sanya Skypump or a solar powered recharging station, you'll find the electricity which goes to charge your vehicle originates from the electrical grid.  As such, a good deal of that electricity is likey to produced at power stations which burn those nasty old fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.

One major motor company, BMW, has teamed up with Green Mountain Energy to give drivers of BMW's ActiveE electric cars the chance to effectively use 100% renewable energy for powering their vehicles.  There are currently around 700 drivers of the ActiveE series of cars, encompassing 5 states in the USA.  These electric vehicles are leased out for a term of two years to the drivers who BMW fondly term as Electronauts.  The company intends to use the Electronauts' opinions and reactions to advance and improve future electric cars.

To achieve the aim of 100% green and renewable energy in their cars, the Electronauts now have the chance to buy Renewable Energy Certificates from Green Mountain Energy.  For £48.00, Electronauts can obtain Renewable Energy Certificates to ensure that renewable energy replaces an estimation of the electricity that their cars will use during their two year lease.  This will offset 9,900 lbs of carbon dioxide which is the amount which a traditional petrol driven car would expel over 11,000 miles of travel.  ActiveE drivers who take up the offer will be sent a custom designed car window decal as well as their renewable energy purchase certificate.

BMW have described this as the next step to enable Electronauts to obtain their energy requirements from renewable generation.  To further demonstrate their belief in green energy, BMW have offered Electronauts the chance to have solar panels installed at home at a 35% discount compared to standard solar installation costs.  If they take up this offer as well as obtaining the Renewable Energy Certificate for their cars, Electronauts could be among the first humans on the planet in this modern world to be able to claim that they are truly powering their lives in a renewable and sustainable way.