Wind Power

World's First Wind Powered Electric Vehicle Recharging Station Opens

Vertical Wind Turbine at the world's first wind powered electric vehicle recharging station.
The UGE-4K wind turbine of the Sanya Skypump rotates almost silently around its vertical pole axis, at less than 38 decibels at a rated wind speed of 12m/s (26 miles per hour) and can survive windspeeds of 123 mph.

The world's first wind powered electric vehicle recharging station has been opened near Barcelona in Spain.  Offering a completely green solution to recharging electric cars and other vehicles,the station uses a combination of an innovative 4 kilowatt vertical wind turbine,called UGE-4K, made by Urban Green Energy and a charging unit known as Durastation from General Electric.  These are integrated as a single unit, with all of the electrical systems in the turbine's tower itself.

First European Hybrid Power Plant Converting Wind Power to Hydrogen Fuel

Wind Turbine behind Tanks
Wind Turbine behind Tanks at Prenzlau

Hydrogen power could be one of the solutions to our future energy needs, but until recently the problem with hydrogen power was its production for use as an energy source. Although hydrogen is the most common element in the known universe, actually capturing it for energy use is a process which itself usually requires some form of fuel or energy.

NASA Investigates Airborne Wind Turbines for Future Energy Production

A future airborne wind turbine
What a future airborne wind turbine may look like

Although offshore wind turbines have the advantage of not having to take up valuable dry-land resources (as Kevin Costner may say in Waterworld), one the main disadvantages of wind turbines at sea level (or, to be accurate at a few meters above sea level taking into consideration their tower structures) is the relatively low power of the wind that turns them.   It's a fact of nature that as you go further upwards into the sky the speed of the wind increases.  At a height of 610 metres (2,000 feet) the speed of the wind is between 2 and 3 times the velocity at ground level.  

World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Starts Generating Electricity in UK.

Boat and wind turbines
A boat is dwarfed by the enormous wind turbines by Jamie Cook

The world's largest offshore wind farm started generating electricity a few days ago on 23 September 2010. Known as the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, it is the size of a small town. It encompasses 35 square kilometers,equivalent to 4,000 football pitches.

Green Web Hosting Company is 100% Powered by Wind Energy

Web hosting companies are renowned for their massive power consumption, required to keep hundreds or even thousands of servers humming away 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here at Windup Battery, with sustainability and conservation of the planet always in mind, and also knowing how difficult it can be to decide on a decent web host, an exiting moo-ve from a forward-looking hosting company called Fatcow has caught my eye and may be of great interest to anyone who cares for Planet Earth.